Terms and Conditions

Liability Limit for Grayline Peru regarding Independent Suppliers

Gray Line Peru acts as an operator in Peru in charge of hiring the services of various suppliers: transport, accommodation, restaurants and other services from independent suppliers that are not under our control.  Gray Line Peru cannot be held responsible for the death, injuries or losses caused by an action or failure to act of one of these suppliers or any other event for which we have no control.

Flight Information

The scheduling of various services will be made according to the international and domestic flight information provided by the client (hiring operator or passenger). Due to safety regulations of airlines, Gray Line Peru has no possibility of checking the information sent by its clients, so it relies on it for the correct scheduling of the services. Gray Line Peru will not assume any responsibility for flights that do not allow the execution of the program or service initially booked or hired, or for wrong information.

Responsibility of Grayline Peru reagarding flights

Domestic and international flights are subject to overbooking, cancellations or re-scheduling. If this happens, Gray Line Peru will do its bests to assist client to board their respective flights or make alternative arrangements.  This is done as a courtesy by Grayline Peru to its clients and users and, therefore, it will not be held responsible for not being able to board, additional charges for rate differences or additional accommodation, meals and transfers that the airline may provide for flight cancellations or delays.

Adventure Activities and Non- Conventional Programs

Some activities imply inherent risk of injuries, such as: trekking, river rafting, canoeing, mountain cycling, motorcycling, surfing, and horseback riding, among others.  Passengers are advised and must be aware that their safety cannot be guaranteed and, thus, Gray Line Peru cannot assume responsibility for their safety.  Some programs may require the disclaimer signature by the service users.

Events Beyond Our Control

Gray Line Peru will not be held responsible for unpredictable events, fires, acts of God, of local governments or its authorities, wars, disturbances, riots, terrorist acts, attacks, theft, epidemics, quarantines, adverse weather conditions, damages caused by air, sea and land, air transport, or any other act or incident beyond its control or of its suppliers.

Visas, Customs and Vaccines

Gray Line Peru is not responsible for communicating and making the arrangements for visas, customs or vaccines.  A vaccine against yellow fever is recommended to passengers traveling to the jungle, at least 10 days in advance.  Requesting an international vaccination certificate is advisable.

Sales Tax Exemption in Hotels - Peru (I.G.V.)

According to law, the general sales tax (I.G.V. - 18%) is not applicable to hospitality services provided to non-domiciled subjects, either individuals or through a tour package, prior submission of the passenger’s passport or identity card and Andean migration card at the check-in time. The services used in the hotel must be coordinated, collected, conducted and organized by Travel Agencies domiciled in the country.  Payment transferences from foreign travel agencies are not contemplated by the law and are subject to the 18% sales tax.