Where to Go?

Peru: A country offering diverse destinations, with an exquisite territory and a highly cclaimed world renowned cuisene.

Nature lovers will be impressed by the variety of landscapes and regions, the marked contrast between forests and deserts in the coast; the deep ravines and breathtaking snowcapped peaks in the highlands and the slopes with a dense grove and vast prairies of Amazon vegetation.  The varied flora and fauna, typical of each region and unique in the world won’t cease to amaze you.  For those who love history there is so much to explore; a country with 10 thousand years of history and center of the Inca Empire.  Discover several magnificent testimonies of ancestral civilizations such as the Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan, The Nazca Lines, Chan Chan and Machu Picchu.  Not only will you breathe history but also you will experience the cultural legacy impregnated in each place you visit.  For those adventure lovers Peru offers the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the opportunity to surf high waves as well as climbing mountain ranges and crossing the most plentiful and largest rivers in the continent.  Peru is a beautiful, magical and mysterious country offering an unforgettable experience for all.  

Come and explore the different destinations you must see in Peru:


Arequipa offers unique attractions.  The city of Arequipa, built of sillar, a pearly white volcanic rock from the Misti, is a chest filled with Colonial treasures, delicious typical dishes and religious fervor manifested in its exquisite monasteries and convents.


The Canyon magnificence is only overshadowed when the splendid condor flies over it; the chance for adventure sports is undoubtedly the main attraction.  Canoeing, trekking and mountain bike excursions can be carried out on several difficulty levels.  Excitement reaches its highest expression in Arequipa and Colca.


Land of tradition and museums. Sweet flavors and amazing sunsets.  Chiclayo has many things to offer the visitor.  From Tucume to Pimentel, going through first class and unique archaeological museums, getting to know the Lord of Sican, and bedazzling us with the magnificence of one of the best museums in the world: The Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan.  A place to indulge in traditional sweets while discovering the beauty of its splendid ceramics.  Chiclayo, a different experience under the northern sun.


Dwelling of the gods. Cusco, the sacred city and capital of one of the biggest pre-Columbian empires is today the center of the touristic world in Peru.  The activities and options offered by Cusco are countless. From walking through its beautiful and narrow streets, a mestizo and colonial communion represented in exquisite temples and houses, to the full enjoyment of traditional cuisine that fuses Andean ingredients with new and astonishing ideas.  When in Cusco do not miss the Sacsayhuaman fortress and the South Valley: Tipon, Pikillacta, Huaro and Andahuaylillas.  Day or night, Cusco is a center of energy encouraging us to fully enjoy our stay.

The Sacred Valley

The Urubamba river valley lies before our eyes as a clear invitation for adventure.  Through its impressive andenes or terraces, the picturesque villages and important archaeological sites runs the adventure essence we are about to experience.  From canoeing to taking long walks as the Incas used to do, going on mountain bike or horseback riding excursions or simply get to experience the Chincheros’ joy or Ollantaytambo’s solemnity: the Sacred Valley of the Incas is an experience you will never forget.

Machu Picchu

Located on top of a high mountain dominating the deep Urubamba canyon, Machu Picchu, the old mountain, keeps ancient and surprising mysteries for all of us.  Just the sight of it will leave you speechless.  Whether it was a center for worship and astronomic observation or the private residence of the Inca Pachacutec family, its impressive temples, plazas and mausoleums are a true gem of brilliant design and construction. Among the thousands of steps and terraces, the mystique of Machu Picchu and the wisdom of an empire will surround us all.


Grapes and flavors. Sun and Afro-Peruvian rhythms. This is Ica: the wine city.  Intense and exciting experiences await us.  Over the immensity of the desert, Nazca opens up as a book so as to be read from the skies.  A monkey, a spider or a hummingbird are among the breathtaking designs known as the Nazca Lines.  In Paracas, the Ballestas Islands offer a complete different experience, a close encounter with nature.  Sea lions, zarcillos, grey seagulls, Humbolt penguins are some of the inhabitants of this unique seaside resort in which five star hotels have a privileged view of the ocean .  Ica is a privileged oasis in the middle of the desert.


When feeling the intensity of the largest river in the world in terms of volume, it is recommended to be wide awake to fully enjoy this experience.  Just imagine: crossing the Amazon River on a cruise in which comfort and satisfaction will travel alongside at all times.  Observing river mammals up close: manatees, paiches or arapaimas, grey and pink dolphins or getting to spot a pichico monkey or the emblematic bird of the city, the Iquitos’ Pearl.  Once we get to experience all of these, the Amazon heartbeats will resound in us forever.


Attractive and feudal.  Modern and exciting.  The three times crowned city, proud and culinary is ready to offer more than we might possibly take.  A city setting the precedent for culinary excellence.  A mix of the past and the present manifested in modern hotels, peculiar bars, top casinos, hundreds of restaurants, astonishing historical monuments and first class museums.  Life in Lima is intense and so will be our experience.  Behind each counter, each door or shop window a warm and friendly smile will welcome us.

Puerto Maldonado

The experience begins in Puerto Maldonado where hundreds of colorful butterflies decorate the skies.  Then it is time to cross the river. On one bank we spot a Peruvian Jaguar, on the other side a group of tapirs or sachavacas or some capybaras or ronsocos frolic indifferently in the water. 


We are now in Tambopata, Peru’s jungle offers new dimensions here.  Explore the skies walking on bridges built on top of the highest trees; go deeper into the jungle where animals come out to surprise us and quietly observe the Collpa of guacamayos, a clay lick which attracts thousands of macaws and parrots each day, a true colorful celebration for our eyes.  The relation with nature in Tampobata has no end.


Between the highlands and the jungle.  This is Manu, the biggest national park in Peru.  Over 2 million hectares, what we are about to experience is beyond our dreams.  Over 20,000 plan species, 1,000 birds, 1,200 kinds of butterflies, 200 different mammals and more.  They will walk, fly and astonish us in this unique place on the face of the earth.  Manu is waiting for you…are you ready?


The calm, worshipped and highest lake in the world, the Titicaca is an immense mirror reflecting light and sacred secrets.  Legend has it that the founders of the Inca Empire emerged from these waters. Nowadays in Taquile, Uros, Suasi or Amantani, we can meet their descendents and get to know their ancestral traditions and their particular way to connect with the lake and the surroundings.  Whether it is Pucara or Sillustani, Lampa or Ilave, Puno and its rough and rugged landscape covered in Peruvian feather grass (Ichu) is a clear demonstration of the spectacular vision of the Altiplano settler. 


The Sun and the Moon. Reed boats named Caballitos de Totora and the northern coastal dance: marinera norteña.  The city of Trujillo, always green and filled with flowers invites us to walk through its beautiful streets designed in the 14th century and explore monumental archaeological sites.  A combination of mystery and vitality in the north of Peru. In Trujillo the most impressive and colossal citadels show us all of their mysteries: Chan Chan or Huanchaco beach, the Sun and the Moon Huacas (pre-Columbian tombs) or the Lady of Cao in the El Brujo Complex.  The “city of eternal spring” is vibrant and exciting… what are you waiting for?